About Us

Woodruff Designs is a family owned business. Through this site we help promote our art and educational programs. For more information about us read our bios below!


Artist & Founder, Tom Woodruff
      (616) 745-9742

I have been fascinated with the creative process since I was a kid. I’ve explored many mediums and have made a career of some. As a Children’s Book Illustrator, Storyteller and Teaching Artist, I’ve been delighted to share my love for Michigan and our amazing Great Lakes Region, with students and teachers in hundreds of schools, libraries and conferences throughout the State.

For the past thirty-five years, my Great Lakes Illustration Workshops have engaged students of all ages in challenging and fun, curriculum-based drawing projects. Through storytelling and step-by-step instructions, we’ve explored the abundant natural resources of our region and how they have shaped our human history.

In my Workshops and Classes, I share drawing techniques and story, contributing to my student’s personal art and observation skills. My goal is to broaden their awareness of, and respect for their natural and societal surroundings. The drawings we create together illustrate the story, document the journey and empower each student to appreciate and celebrate their own unique style.

Just recently, my daughter and I have combined both of our artistic abilities with her computer skills. She has built this website to help get me more up-to-date in this new age. There is more about her below.



Artist, Lydia Woodruff
Founder of Unity in Art

My name is Lydia. I have been creating art since I was in diapers! Both my mother and father have had a major influence on my art. I work mainly with pen and ink, acrylic, stained glass, and metal. I re-purpose what others might call ‘junk’ into creative metal sculptures, and whimsical decorations. A lot of my art has a much deeper meaning to it, it is my way of having a voice, and speaking out through my art! 

I am so thankful to be helping my dad out with this new website, because he is a legend and has influenced so many thousands of lives with his abilities! I read an article once that said a true millionaire is one who has influenced, or changed a million lives… it has nothing to do with your wealth. That is my dad. He is such a knowledgeable, and giving man and I wish that his legacy will live on generations to come. This website is just the start!